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White Coral Constructions LLP


Real estate builders in Bangalore

We are one of the reputed real estate builders in Bangalore and we are widely recognized for our best practices, transparency and 100% reliability in terms of deliveries in the real estate industry.

We are always been known for our ethical values, innovation, commitment to quality construction and in-time delivery. Our aim is to provide complete customer satisfaction without compromising on the quality.

Our properties are having a unique floor plan and interiors with beautiful architectural design.

All our properties are located in well developed areas and it allows you to lead your desired lifestyle.

 History of the word “White Coral”

Throughout the ages, Coral has always been regarded as holding the power of the oceans. Once thought to be a plant, Coral has been called the “Garden of the Sea”.  The ancient Egyptians placed pieces of Coral in tombs as a protection against evil spirits because they believed that each piece truly contained a drop of divine blood.

According to Greek mythology, when Perseus chopped off the head of the Gorgon Medusa, some drops of blood splashed into the sea, and thereby solidified into Coral. Records dating back thousands of years confirm that Coral was used in decorative art objects as well as jewelry.Ancient legends tell us that people once believed that Mars was composed of red Coral due to it’s striations and colorings.

Coral symbolizes joy and happiness; it enables the wearer to enjoy life. Coral is believed to energize ones emotion and improve general physical and mental well-being. White Coral specifically signifies balance, relaxation, protection along with true appreciation of nature – the qualities that our brand truly resonates with. We look forward to seeing our brand blossom in a similar way reiterating all the properties of the “Gem of the Sea”. We wish to grow and evolve like a beautiful White Coral as we eliminate the apprehensions associated with property investments replacing them with transparency and true service.

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